• Tarra Stubbins

How is your back-to-school, back to routine working out?

Celebrity concierge Tarra Stubbins offers time management tips

Now that we are well into the new school year and hopefully into our own routines, I’m curious to know how it is going for Toronto families. Are you struggling every morning to get out the door? Are you exhausted most evenings? Or maybe you are truly rocking the new routine and living your best life.

With over 20 years of experience as a celebrity concierge and personal assistant, I’ve had the opportunity to perfect the art of time management and incorporated the lessons I’ve learned, helping celebrities such as Mick Jagger, Kenny Rogers and Lady Gaga, into teachable moments for my clients. Below are my top four back-to-school tips for busy parents and students.

Below are my top tips for busy parents and students.


Nothing prepares you for tomorrow better than having a plan prepared and reviewed the night before. I always tell my clients to begin with having three top tasks that they have to complete the next day. They need to hold themselves accountable to accomplish these tasks to fulfil their lists and goals. I also tell my clients to get the kids involved with the morning prep. Before letting the kids hop on their tech, make sure they’ve unpacked and washed their lunch dishes, cleaned their reusable water bottles, made themselves a snack, and prepped for their extracurricular activities. Bags should be packed and by the front door and lunches should be pre-made and ready to go in the fridge. Setting weekly routines is also a must when trying to accomplish your best time-managed day. I suggest making a habit of filling the car up with gas on Sunday nights and Sundays during the day, think about a meal plan for the week. This is another great way to get the kids involved and teach them the importance of timing, budgets and healthy eating.


Starting your day looking at your phone and seeing all of the emails sitting in your inbox is not ideal. I recommend to my clients, whether they are parents, single, students or elderly, to sleep with your phone in a separate room and to use an alarm clock. This will force you to avoid those emails first thing in the morning. A simple breathing technique for two — five minutes can start anyone off to the races for a busy day of work and school.


Creating and hanging a personalized family calendar in your home helps alleviate the anxiety many kids feel at the beginning and during the school year. Being able to visualize the good events coming up, such as family outings, birthday parties and holidays, can help kids (and parents) through those long school days ahead. Family calendars can also teach students the importance of working toward a deadline. You can teach them to be proactive about buying a birthday present for their best friend’s party coming up in two weeks, or maybe they can see on the calendar that the science fair is at the end of the month. Thoughtfully working toward those deadlines will help the entire family eliminate unnecessary stress.

Whether you are only just getting things in order or even just thinking about it, there is always time to get things back on track and live your best life.