Helping the world "Take It Easy" one client at a time   

Welcome to Take It Easy Personal Concierge Inc.  We are Toronto’s premier luxury boutique concierge and errand service firm.  We help both companies and individuals seeking assistance.  Since 2007 we have grown to become the largest independently owned personal concierge company in Canada.    


Accustomed to working with people who demand the best, Take It Easy respects clients privacy and confidentiality, while leveraging extensive experience, partnerships, and contacts.    


We make every one of our clients feel like Rock Stars!  No errand is too big or too small.  We would be happy to help you save a little time in your days, weeks, months and years!  


Don’t know where to start?  Contact us for a free consultation.  We are passionate about Time Management and will work with you and your schedule so you can “Take It Easy”.


The list of errands and personal shopping tasks that we help our clients with is endless.

Our new clients are always asking us "Is this the craziest request you have ever received?" 

Trust us - We have heard it all!

Best of all we stand behind our confidentiality agreement.  You will never hear us talk about your request in the media, in a "tell-all" book, or on our blog.

Have your eye on any big spends? Getting them on sale on Black Friday – before they run out – can be tricky. That’s where the skills of personal concierge Tarra Stubbins come in very handy.

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